konversation-1.5p2 – IRC client for KDE 4


Konversation is a user-friendly, highly configurable Internet Relay
Chat (IRC) client built on the KDE Platform. It features:

  * SSL server support
  * Bookmarking support
  * Easy to use graphical user interface
  * Multiple servers and channels in one single window
  * DCC file transfer
  * Multiple identities for different servers
  * Text decorations and colors
  * OnScreen Display for notifications
  * Automatic UTF-8 detection
  * Per channel encoding support
  * Theme support for nick icons

Remember to set up encoding before connecting. This is done in
your identity parameters dialog.

WWW: http://konversation.kde.org/

Only for arches
alpha amd64 arm armv7 hppa i386 landisk loongson macppc mips64 mips64el octeon powerpc sgi sh socppc sparc64
lang/python net x11/kde4

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