irrtoolset-5.0.1p2 – toolset for internet routing registries


The IRRToolSet is a set of tools to work with Internet routing policies.
These policies are stored in Internet Routing Registries (IRR) in the
Routing Policy Specification Language (RPSL). The tools are used to
produce lists suitable for automating router configuration, etc.

- peval is a low level policy evaluation tool that can be used to write
router configuration generators. It takes policy expressions as input,
expands the AS sets, route sets, filter sets and (optionally) AS numbers,
and outputs the resulting list of AS numbers or prefixes.

- rpslcheck syntax-checks an RPSL object to determine whether it will
cause problems for any of the tools in IRRToolSet, such as rtconfig.
This does not guarantee that the syntax is valid for a particular IRR,
which may have different syntax constraints.

- rtconfig is a filter which can generate cisco/juniper configuration
sections based on information from IRRs.

WWW: http://irrtoolset.isc.org/


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