exabgp-3.4.25 – BGP route injector (supporting flow routes, etc)


ExaBGP is software which can inject routes with arbitrary next-hops into
your network (i.e. source IPv4/IPv6 routes using both IPv4 and IPv6 BGP
connections, either from a configuration file or third party applications),
inject flowspec routes, or pass received routes in textual form to a
third-party application.

Potential uses include:

 - announce IPv4/IPv6 routes with arbitrary next-hops into your network
   * injection of service IPs like AS112 announcement
   * temporary route redirection (adding more specific routes with
     different next-hop)
   * injection of flow routes to handle DDOS
 - source flow routes.
 - track changes in the global routing table.
 - add the received default route to an host.
 - filter and/or modify routes using your own logic.

ExaBGP is for injecting or performing complex route mangling with BGP,
it is not intended to transform a server into a BGP router.

WWW: https://github.com/exa-networks/exabgp

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