dysnomia-en-0.3.4p3 – interface to the deezer on-demand music system


Dysnomia is a program that *shows the possibility* to download songs
from on-demand music websites (only the deezer.com website in this
version). It's only a proof of concept of that possibility, and
its main interest is in its code and how it works, not in using
it to download songs on these websites.

It must *not* be used to download songs that are copyrighted and
licensed under a license that does not allow freely copying. Such
a utilization of that program is illegal. If you intend to use
that program to do that, you and you only take responsibility for

If you wish to test the program, try for example the "tryad" search
request : tryad is a an Internet-based musical group that publish
all their works under a Creative Commons license, allowing it to
be freely copied and diffused.

Dysnomia 0.3.4 allows you to download using two different modes :
the "regular" one, wich has exactly the same behaviour as the
deezer.com flash applet, and the "alternative" one, which downloads
by directly accessing the deezer.com cache.

WWW: http://dysnomia-project.org/

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