ctrace-0.9p2 – multiprotocol traceroute tool


ctrace is an IPv4 traceroute tool that supports many features missing
in standard 4.3BSD traceroute(8). It is programmed entirely in perl.
The primary difference between ctrace and other traceroute tools is
its ability to trace routes in multiple protocols. ctrace also has
some additional nifty features:

Automatic round-trip-time (RTT) averaging, which makes output
cleaner and more intelligible.

One or more packets can be launched per TTL/hop. By way of
contrast, 4.3BSD traceroute(8) forces at least two. This
capability makes ctrace faster.

4.3BSD traceroute(8) emulation in most output, so it will hook
in to existing parsers.

The ability to skip an arbitrary number of hops, saving you
time that would be normally wasted tracerouting your own

Fine-grained control over trace packet headers, assisting in
bypassing burdensome packet filters.

Web-based traceroute gateway bounce support.

WWW: http://www.pratyeka.org/ctrace/

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