swftools-0.9.1p5 – SWF manipulation and generation utilities


SWF Tools is a collection of SWF manipulation and generation utilities.

At the moment, this includes:
   - SWFCombine : A tool for inserting SWFs into Wrapper SWFs.
   - SWFStrings : Scans SWFs for text data.
   - SWFDump : Prints out various informations about SWFs.
   - JPEG2SWF : Takes one or more JPEG pictures and generates a SWF slideshow.
   - PNG2SWF : Like JPEG2SWF, only for PNGs.
   - GIF2SWF : Converts GIFs to SWF. Also able to handle animated gifs.
   - WAV2SWF : Converts WAV audio files to SWFs with MP3 Streams, using the
     L.A.M.E. MP3 encoder.
   - Font2SWF : Converts font files (TTF, Type1) to SWF.
   - SWFBBox : Allows to readjust SWF bounding boxes.
   - SWFC : A tool for creating SWF files from simple script files.
   - SWFExtract : Allows to extract Movieclips, Sounds, Images etc. from SWF
   - AS3Compile : A standalone ActionScript 3.0 compiler. Mostly compatible
     with Flex.

WWW: http://www.swftools.org/

Only for arches
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