streamdvd-0.4p4 – fast tool to backup video DVDs 'on the fly'


"StreamDVD is a fast tool to backup Video DVDs 'on the fly', there
will be no ripping, demultiplexing, recoding, remultiplexing ....
You can select the wanted title, chapters, video, audio and subpicture
streams and also a resize factor and StreamDVD will write a 'ready to
author' vob file to stdout."

StreamAnalyze -- a helper tool -- is included with this StreamDVD port.

"StreamAnalyze is a little helper for people using StreamDVD to backup
movies.  Giving the video/audio/subpicture tracks you want to save
StreamAnalyze will calculate if the backup would fit on a dvd-r and, if
not, prints a shrink factor to reduce the video size."

"Before using StreamAnalyze you should call 'lsdvd' or 'tcprobe' to get
an overview what's available on the video dvd you want to backup."

WWW: http://www.badabum.de/streamdvd.html

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