motion-4.1.1p2 – motion detection software for video


Motion is a C program that monitors the video signal from one or
more V4L2/video(4) cameras or network-based webcams, and is able to
detect whether a significant part of the picture has changed. Or in
other words, it can detect motion.

Motion is a command line based tool. It has absolutely no graphical
user interface. Everything is setup either via the command line or
via a set of configuration files (simple ASCII files that can be
edited by any ASCII editor).

Motion can output JPEG/PPM images and MPEG video sequences, call
external programs, log to a database, etc.

Motion hasn't had an official release for some time; at present,
this package uses the forked code at https://github.com/Mr-Dave/motion/

	mysql - build with MySQL/MariaDB database support
	pgsql - build with PostgreSQL database support

WWW: https://motion-project.github.io/


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