wmtimer-2.92p5 – wm-dockapp; alarm clock


WMTimer is a dockable alarm clock for Window Maker which can be run
in alarm, count-down timer, or chronograph mode.  In alarm or timer
mode, you can either execute a command or sound the system bell
when the time is reached.  WMTimer is configurable through the
command line or the GTK GUI.

WMTimer can be configured either at run time via the command line
or the GTK interface by clicking on the main part of the window
(anywhere except the buttons).

To switch to the chrono function simply click on the right arrow
button to start the chronograph.  You can pause the chronograph by
clicking on the center, rectangle button and resume again by clicking
the right arrow button.  You can reset the timer by clicking on the
left arrow button.

Time entered via the command line must be in the form of x:x:x You
dont need to have 2 digits for each number but you must have at
least zeros as place holders for hrs, mins and secs.

WWW: http://www.darkops.net/wmtimer/

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