tkinfo-2.11 – read and display GNU info files in Tk


tkInfo is a tk script to read GNU "info" files and display them.
tkInfo can be used stand alone (via WISH), or embedded within an
application to provide integrated, on-line help.

Info files provide a robust hyper-text capability that is ideal for
on-line help.  The format is suitable for both tty-based systems and
graphical systems.  In addition, the same document source can produce
both a "nice" hardcopy manual and Info files.  Note that most GNU tools
are documented in this way (via texinfo).

Info files can be created manually with any text editor, with the
support of the emacs "info" package, with the GNU "makeinfo" program,
or with the emacs scripts for latexinfo.  The makeinfo program produces
a set of info files from TeX source that use the GNU texinfo style (the
one that uses "@" everywhere).  Similarly, the latexinfo package (like
texinfo, but with latex commands and syntax) provides emacs scripts for
producing info files.

WWW: http://math-www.uni-paderborn.de/~axel/tkinfo/

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