lifelines-3.0.62p0 – genealogical database and programming system


LifeLines is a free and open source genealogy program to help with your
family history research. It has native versions for Unix-like, Mac, and
Windows operating systems.

The format of the data as presented to the user for viewing, data entry,
and updating follows the GEDCOM format.

The real power of LifeLines is its scripting ability. There are a number
of LifeLines reports (aka scripts) that generate all manner of output --
ahnentafels, ancestor/descendent reports, formatted ancestor reports,
beautiful books of all ancestors, fan charts of ancestors, vital records
of all individuals in a format suitable for importing to palm pilot
databases (specifically DB which is also hosted here on SourceForge).
All the reports are included in the kit.

Several reports can do error and sanity checking of data; such as deaths
before births, extreme May-December marriages, etc.

WWW: http://lifelines.sourceforge.net/


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