minisat- – minimalistic Boolean satisfiability solver


MiniSat is a minimalistic, open-source Boolean satisfiability problem
(SAT) solver, developed to help researchers and developers alike to get
started on SAT.
Some key features of MiniSat:

* Easy to modify. MiniSat is small and well-documented, and possibly
  also well-designed, making it an ideal starting point for adapting SAT
  based techniques to domain specific problems.
* Highly efficient. Winning all the industrial categories of the SAT
  2005 competition, MiniSat is a good starting point both for future
  research in SAT, and for applications using SAT.
* Designed for integration. MiniSat supports incremental SAT and has
  mechanisms for adding non-clausal constraints. By virtue of being easy
  to modify, it is a good choice for integrating as a backend to another
  tool, such as a model checker or a more generic constraint solver.

The OpenBSD package of MiniSAT installs two binaries:
  minisat_core  = A core version of the solver.
  minisat       = An extended solver with simplification capabilities.

WWW: http://minisat.se/

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