mixmaster-2.9.1p3 – client for anonymous remailing


This software comes in a client only configuration! If you want
to setup a mixmaster server, read through the example files,
man page and keep in mind, that the server stores all it's files
in $MIXPATH (/etc/mixmaster by default).

The purpose of anonymous remailers (hereafter simply remailers) is
to provide protection against traffic analysis. Traffic analysis
is the study of who you are communicating with, when, and how often.
This reveals more than you might expect about your activities. It
will indicate who your friends and colleagues are (and they can be
told apart by looking at the times you contact them). What your
interests are, from which catalog companies you contact, and which
ftp and WWW sites you visit. Traffic analysis can even reveal
business secrets, e.g. your frequent contact with a rival could
give hints of an impending merger.

Remailers protect your e-mail from traffic analysis. The original
remailers did this by removing all headers, except the subject line,
from any message you sent to them and then forwarding them a
destination of your choice. The recipient of such a message would
not know who had sent it.

WWW: http://mixmaster.sourceforge.net/

Distribution forbidden on cdroms
only with patch notice
Distribution forbidden on ftp
only with patch notice
mail security

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