xanim-2.80.1p8 – X11 animation player with support for lots of formats


Xanim is probably the most versatile X11 animation player currently
available. It's fast, and supports lots of options, even though
dithering, for instance, is not available for all codecs and for all sizes.

Depending upon your architecture, some more codecs may be recognized,
as these are handled by binary-only object files.

Audio support should now work correctly on most platforms.

IMPORTANT: some recent animations have improper 16 bits sound, that does 
only use a very small range of the available values. This will sound like
crap on an 8 bit machine, unless you use +AS to scale the audio
samples by mult.

The current codec recognition is somewhat poor, as Mark Podlipec does not
release every module for every arch.

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