rawstudio-1.2p20 – tool for working with RAW images


Rawstudio is an open-source program to read and manipulate RAW images
from most digital cameras.

Rawstudio will convert your RAW files into JPEG, PNG or TIF images which
you can then print or send to friends and clients.

It has a graphical user interface, so you can simply open a RAW file and
experiment with the controls to see how they affect the image. Rawstudio
has a very simple architecture which is optimized for ease of use and
therefore should be intuitive to most photographers.

The normal workflow would be that you first convert your RAW files and
then use an image editing application to further work on your images.
Rawstudio itself is a highly specialized application for processing RAW
images, not a fully featured image editing application.

WWW: https://rawstudio.org/

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