mojoshader-1181 – library to move calls to Direct3D shaders to OpenGL


MojoShader is a library to work with Direct3D shaders on alternate 3D
APIs and non-Windows platforms. The primary motivation is moving shaders
to OpenGL languages on the fly. The developer deals with "profiles" that
represent various target languages, such as GLSL or ARB_*_program.

This allows a developer to manage one set of shaders, presumably written
in Direct3D HLSL, and use them across multiple rendering backends. This
also means that the developer only has to worry about one (offline)
compiler to manage program complexity, while MojoShader itself deals
with the reduced complexity of the bytecode at runtime.

MojoShader provides both a simple API to convert bytecode to various
profiles, and (optionally) basic glue to rendering APIs to abstract the
management of the shaders at runtime.

WWW: https://icculus.org/mojoshader/


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