k3dsurf-0.6.2p7 – visualize and manipulate mathematical models


K3DSurf can be used by everyone interested in 3D Mathematical drawing
functions and doesn't require any special competence of users.  Most of
the work was done with the intention to make K3DSurf as simple as
possible without affecting its efficiency: K3DSurf program is developed
for use by beginner users with low level degree in mathematical science
by simply testing examples given with it and by rendering them with
Povray.  Pov scripts (and other file formats) generated by K3DSurf can
also be integrated in complicated scenes.

Studying mathematical surfaces with K3DSurf includes doing:
 * interactive visualization with mouse events
 * real time animation (rotation) and morph
 * create screenshots and movie scenes
 * generate Mesh files that describe the shape of the mathematical model

Supported formats are:
 * Povscript : Povray is a free ray tracer available in graphics/povray
 * VRML2: to use with the majority of current browsers via an
   appropriate plug-in
 * OBJ: a well-known file format supported by the majority of 3D
   applications (Blender, MAYA and Moray...)

WWW: http://k3dsurf.sourceforge.net/

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