gracula-3.0p0 – graphic counter language compiler/interpreter


Graphic Counter Language is a powerful programming language for the creation of
graphic and textual counters and timers. These can be used on the web, as well
as in graphic application programs (such as XWindow applications) which can
call the GCL interpreter internally and have it create a counter or a timer.

Gracula is the compiler/interpreter for Graphic Counter Language, developed
under FreeBSD, though usable on any Unix system.

For details about the language, visit GCL home page (www.whizkidtech.net/gcl/)
as well as Count Gracula's Gallery (www.whizkidtech.net/gcl/gallery) which
contains a number of sample GCL scripts and showcases various counter designs.

GCL requires no configuration files. All you provide is graphic images and
simple scripts. Optionally, you may link the images directly into the gracula
executable. GCL can also receive input from external programs. A sample program
is included (sec2000). It allows the creation of GCL counters to display the
number of seconds (or minutes, hours, days) left till the Year 2000.

Gracula is written in C and highly optimized for speed which makes it work
reliably even on the busiest web sites.

WWW: http://www.whizkidtech.redprince.net/gcl/


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