aqsis-1.8.2p9 – photorealistic 3D rendering solution


Aqsis is a high quality, photorealistic, 3D rendering solution. It
complies with the RenderMan interface standard defined by Pixar.

The RenderMan standard has been used in film and television visual
effects since its introduction in 1989.  Pixar has used their own
implementation for all of their award winning CG features, and provided
their implementation for use in the visual effects of most major
blockbuster films over the last 2 decades.  The Aqsis project offers a
way for individuals and organisations alike to gain experience with the
RenderMan interface without the cost of commercial software licenses.

Aqsis comprises a command line rendering tool, a tool for compiling
shaders in the RSL language, a tool for preparing textures for optimal
use, and various developer libraries to enable integration with third
party tools.

WWW: http://www.aqsis.org/

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