libchamplain-0.12.16p0 – library to provide a GTK+ widget to display maps


Libchamplain is a C library aimed to provide a Gtk+ widget to display
rasterized maps.

 * Display a map (OpenStreetMap Mapnik, OpenAerialMap,
   Maps For Free Relief);
   o Tiles are downloaded and cached
   o Downloaded tiles fade in
 * You can drag to move (a la Google Maps)
   o without or with kinetic scrolling (a la iPhone)
   o with elastic edges (a la iPhone)
 * You can zoom in / out
 * You can center the map on coordinates (longitude, latitude)
 * Add markers on the map with a mixed Clutter/Champlain API
 * Add layers of markers
 * You can animate markers

Libchamplain-gtk is a Gtk+ widget that wraps around libchamplain's

WWW: https://wiki.gnome.org/

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