gpstk-2.10 – GPS processing toolkit


The goal of the GPSTk project is to provide a open source library and suite
of applications to the satellite navigation community - to free researchers
to focus on research, not lower level coding.

The GPSTk suite consists of a core library and a set of applications. The
library provides a wide array of functions that solve processing problems
associated with GPS such as processing or using standard formats such as
RINEX. The library is the basis for the more advanced applications
distributed as part of the GPSTk suite.

The GPSTk library provides the base functionality for the GPSTk
applications and for a number of other independent projects. There are
several categories of functions in the GPSTk library:

   1. GPS time. Conversion among time representations such as MJD, GPS
   week and seconds of week, and many others.

   2. Ephemeris calculations. Position and clock interpolation for both
   broadcast and precise ephemerides.

   3. Atmospheric delay models. Includes ionosphere and troposphere models.

   4. Position solution. Includes an implementation of a Receiver
   Autonomous Integrity Monitoring algorithm.

   5. Mathematics. Includes Matrix and Vector implementations, as well as
   interpolation and numerical integration.

   6. Application framework. Includes processing command lines options,
   providing interactive help and working with file systems.

The GPSTk applications support greater depth of functionality to support
research and development. The applications are almost entirely console
based (i.e., without a graphical user interface). They can be grouped
functionally into a number of categories.

   1. Basic transformations. Conversions of time and coordinate systems.

   2. Observation data collection and conversion. Translating receiver
   specific data formats to RINEX.

   3. File comparison and validation. Differing observations files against
   a truth source.

   4. Data editing. Systematic removal of observations by satellite, type
   or time.

   5. Ionosphere modeling. Basic models of the ionosphere.

   6. Autonomous and relative positioning. Navigation and surveying

WWW: http://www.gpstk.org/

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