zangband-2.6.2p5-no_x11 – Zangband (Zelazny Angband) with color, X11 support


The game of Zangband is a single player dungeon simulation. A player
may choose from a number of races, classes and magic realms when
creating a character (see charattr.txt [3]), and then "run" that
character over a period of days, weeks, even months. Deep down
inside, the real objective of the game is to increase your experience,
and certain other characteristics, and also to collect useful items,
to give you a decent chance against the great Serpent of Chaos, who
lurks somewhere in the depths of the dungeon.

The player will begin his adventure on the town level where he may
acquire supplies, weapons, armor, and magical devices by bartering
with various shop owners. After preparing for his adventure, the
player can descend into the dungeon where fantastic adventures await
his coming!

	no_x11	- build without X11 support

WWW: http://www.zangband.org/

Distribution forbidden on cdroms
not-for-profit redistribution only

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