xlennart-1.1.1p2 – an XBill Modification


Ever get the feeling that nothing is going right? You're a sysadmin, and
someone's trying to destroy your computers. The little people running around the
screen are trying to infect your computers with SystenD [TM], a virus cleverly
designed to resemble a popular init system. Your objective is to click the mouse
on them, ending the potential threat. If one of the people reaches a computer,
it will attempt to replace your operating system with the virus it carries. It
will then attempt to run off the screen with your vital software. The game ends
when only 1 (or 0) of your computers are being productive. Additionally, some
computers are connected with network cables. When one computer on a network
becomes infected, a spark will be sent down the cable, and will infect the
computer on the other end when it reaches there.

WWW: https://github.com/Xylemon/xlennart

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