pingus-0.7.6p3 – free Lemmings-like game


Pingus is a free Lemmings-like game in 2D graphics.

If you don't know Lemmings, here comes a short introduction. It's a
puzzle game developed in 1991 by DMA Design. The player takes command in
the game of a bunch of small animals and has to guide them around in
levels. Since the animals walk on their own, the player can only
influence them by giving them commands, like build a bridge, dig a hole
or redirect all animals in the other direction. The goal of each level
is to reach the exit, by combining multiple actions.

WWW: http://pingus.seul.org/

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aarch64 alpha amd64 amd64 arm arm hppa i386 i386 mips64 mips64el powerpc sparc64
games x11

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