cgoban-1.9.12p3 – X11 Go Toolset


CGoban ("Complete Goban") provides a large set of go-related services
for Unix and X11. A list of the functions that it provides:
  * Play go against another player. When playing a game locally, you
    have a choice of rule sets and time controls. I made a strong
    attempt at implementing the rule sets as precisely as possible:
       + Chinese rules have a true Superko rule.
       + Japanese rules correctly recognize seki and award no points.
       + Japanese rules let you locally resolve disputes at the end of
         the game.
  * Edit and view SGF files. CGoban provides full functionality for
    editing and viewing SGF files.
  * Connect to a go server over the internet. CGoban can connect to
    NNGS or IGS and gives a convenient graphical user interface to the
  * Act as a bridge to go modem protocol. Go modem protocol has become
    a standard way for computer go programs to communicate. CGoban can
    let you connect to devices (such as modems) speaking go modem
    protocol, act as a graphical board for programs that speak go
    modem protocol out of stdin/stdout, or connect programs to one of
    the internet go servers.

WWW: http://www.igoweb.org/~wms/comp/cgoban/

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