bluemoon-2.12p1 – console-based 52-card solitare game


Blue Moon solitaire is a 52-card solitaire that starts with the entire
deck shuffled and dealt out in four rows. The aces are then moved to the
left end of the layout, making 4 initial free spaces. You may move to a
space only the card that matches the left neighbor in suit, and is one
greater in rank. Kings are high, so no cards may be placed to their
right (they create dead spaces).

When no moves can be made, cards still out of sequence are reshuffled
and dealt face up after the ends of the partial sequences, leaving a
card space after each sequence, so that each row looks like a partial
sequence followed by a space, followed by enough cards to make a row of

A moment's reflection will show that this game cannot take more than 13
deals. A good score is 1-3 deals, 4-7 is average, 8 or more is poor.

WWW: http://www.catb.org/~esr/bluemoon/


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