marathon-red-0.0.20090509 – dark alternate version of the Marathon universe


You wake up in a small sleeping chamber area, only to find yourself late
for a briefing. Turns out, you are assigned to investigate a
"dead-in-the-air" Pfhor scout craft. Once you land, you, along with
other armed marines, will search the craft.

This scout craft has been completely inhabited with deadly monsters,
lava pits, and dark slimy RED walls. But, you are armed to the teeth,
and you can use those arms to fight your way through. Despite the
massive weapons presented to the player in RED, he is eventually
overcome by the same monsters that inhabited the Pfhor Scoutship. After
being overcome, he becomes one of the monsters himself, and wields even
more immensely powerful weapons, which he needs in order to defeat
Michael, an evil being of immense power who intends to destroy the
universe which he believes will make it perfect.

WWW: http://bighouse.bungie.org/red/

Distribution forbidden on cdroms
not for sale

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