coldfire-0.3.1 – Motorola Coldfire emulator


The Coldfire Emulator is a Motorola Coldfire 5206 Emulator.  It's
original beginnings date back to the fourth term (2nd year) of the
University of Waterloo's Computer Engineering program (summer of 1999).
The Electrical and Computer Engineering (E&CE) 222 course - Digital
Computers - taught Motorola Coldfire 5206 assembly as an introduction to
machine assembly language.  Since the Computer Engineering class of 2002
is twice the size of previous classes, the demand for Coldfire boards
was much greater than their availability.  (Also the fact that several
classmates apparently didn't understand "NO food or drinks in the labs"
and kept getting the labs deadbolted on us didn't help).  Thus, David
Grant began his emulator project to work on labs without requiring the
actual hardware boards.  Although the emulator progressed far enough to
be used for the first three labs, interrupts were not yet implemented so
the real boards were used for the final assignment.  The next term
featured the course E&CE 354 - Real-Time Operating Systems - where a
project involved writing a real-time executive (RTX) for the Motorola
Coldfire 5206 platform. (Insert same problems with availability and
stupid classmates here). So, the emulator was dusted off and developed
in parallel with the RTX.

WWW: http://www.slicer.ca/coldfire/


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