nvi-2.1.3p1-iconv – ex/vi text editor with wide character support


Nvi is an implementation of the ex/vi text editor originally distributed as
part of the Fourth Berkeley Software Distribution (4BSD), by the University
of California, Berkeley.

Nvi supports all the historic ex/vi features except for open mode and the
lisp edit option (e.g., it has a fully implemented underlying ex mode). It
has a number of additional features as well:

* 8-bit clean data, lines and files limited by available memory
* Multiple edit buffers
* Colon command-line editing and path name completion
* Tag stacks (including support for Cscope databases)
* Extended Regular Expressions
* Infinite undo
* Horizontal scrolling
* Message catalogs
* Wide character support

Available flavors:
        iconv - support conversion between different character encodings

WWW: https://github.com/lichray/nvi2


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