tkcvs-8.2.3 – graphical frontend to CVS


TkCVS is a Tcl/Tk-based graphical interface to the CVS and Subversion
configuration management systems. It will also help with RCS. The user
interface is consistent across Unix/Linux, Windows, and MacOS X.

It shows the status of the files in the current working directory, and
has tools for tagging, merging, importing, exporting, checking in/out,
and other user operations.

TkCVS also aids in browsing the repository. For Subversion, the repository
tree is browsed like an ordinary file tree. For CVS, the CVSROOT/modules
file is read. TkCVS extends CVS with a method to produce a "user friendly"
listing of modules by using special comments in the CVSROOT/modules file.

TkCVS is free and open-source.

WWW: https://www.twobarleycorns.net/tkcvs.html

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