tkcvs-6.0p5 – graphical frontend to CVS


README for tkCVS release 6.0

tkCVS is a Tk based graphical interface to the CVS configuration
management system.  It includes facilities for providing "user
friendly" names to modules and directories within the repository, and
provides a facility to interactively browse the repository looking for
modules and directories.

Some of the features of tkCVS include:

-       File and directory browser, with optional display of hidden
	files, and display of the current directory's location within
	the CVS tree.

-       Push-button based check-in / check-out of CVS modules.  Ability
	to add and delete files from the repository also using push

-       Module tree browser, and reports showing the structure of the
	CVS modules tree.  Individual modules or entire directory trees
	may be checked out using the browser.

-       Updating of files from the repository when they change.

-       Tagging and branching of files from the file browser, and tagging
	and branching of modules from the module browser.

-       Exporting a CVS module or directory from the repository for
	delivery off-site.

-	Creation of patch files between two releases of a module, or
	between a release and the current (head) version.

-	Viewing of diff and status listings for currently checked out

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