py3-pudb-2018.1 – console-based visual debugger for Python


PuDB is a console-based python debugger which features:

- Syntax-highlighted source, the stack, breakpoints and variables are
  all visible at once and continuously updated. This helps you be more
  aware of what's going on in your program. Variable displays can be
  expanded, collapsed and have various customization options.

- Simple, keyboard-based navigation using single keystrokes makes
  debugging quick and easy. PuDB understands cursor-keys and Vi
  shortcuts for navigation. Other keys are inspired by the
  corresponding pdb commands.

- Use search to find relevant source code, or use "m" to invoke
  the module browser that shows loaded modules, lets you load new ones
  and reload existing ones.

- Breakpoints can be set just by pointing at a source line and
  hitting "b" and then edited visually in the breakpoints window. Or
  hit "t" to run to the line under the cursor.

- Drop to a Python shell in the current environment by pressing

- PuDB places special emphasis on exception handling.

- A post-mortem mode makes it easy to retrace a crashing program's
  last steps.

- IPython integration (see wiki[1])

- Should work with Python 2.4 and newer, including Python 3.

[1] http://wiki.tiker.net/PuDB

WWW: https://pypi.python.org/pypi/pudb

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