p5-Device-USB-0.31p7 – perl wrapper around libusb


This module provides a Perl interface to the C library libusb. This
library supports a relatively full set of functionality to access a USB
device. In addition to the libusb functionality, Device::USB provides a
few convenience features that are intended to produce a more Perl-ish

These features include:

  * Using the library initializes it, no need to call the underlying
    usb_init function.

  * Object interface reduces namespace pollution and provides a better
    interface to the library.

  * The find_device method finds the device associated with a vendor id
    and product id and creates an appropriate Device::USB::Device object
    to manipulate the USB device.

  * Object interfaces to the bus and device data structures allowing
    read access to information about each.

WWW: https://github.com/gwadej/perl-device-usb

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