p5-Data-ShowTable-4.6 – print arrays of data in a nicely formatted listing


ShowTable.pm is a Perl 5 module which defines subroutines to print
arrays of data in a nicely formatted listing, using one of four
possible formats: simple table, boxed table, list style, and
HTML-formatting (for World-Wide-Web output).  See the documentation
on ShowTable.pm for details on the formatting.

The program "showtable" reads data in a variety of formats from a
file or STDIN, optimally columnizes the data, and then feeds the
array of data to the ShowTable module for display.  Showtable can
parse its own output as input (except for HTML).  Individual or
ranges of columns may be selected for display, either by name or
by index.

In other words, showtable is a data formatting program.  Using the
'-html' option, showtable can accept ASCII tabular data and format
it appropriately for display through a Web-browser.

WWW: http://search.cpan.org/dist/Data-ShowTable/

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