p5-Cache-Cache-1.08 – perl cache interface


The Cache modules are designed to assist a developer in persisting
data for a specified period of time.  Often these modules are used
in web applications to store data locally to save repeated and
redundant expensive calls to remote machines or databases.  People
have also been known to use Cache::Cache for its straightforward
interface in sharing data between runs of an application or invocations
of a CGI-style script or simply as an easy to use abstraction of
the filesystem or shared memory.

The Cache package provides Cache::Cache, a generic interface for
creating persistent data stores.  This interface is implemented by
the Cache::MemoryCache, Cache::SharedMemoryCache, Cache::FileCache,
Cache::SizeAwareFileCache, Cache::SizeAwareMemoryCache, and
Cache::SizeAwareSharedMemoryCache classes.

This work aggregates and extends the obsolete File::Cache and
IPC::Cache projects.

WWW: http://search.cpan.org/dist/Cache-Cache/

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