omake- – build system designed for scalability and portability


OMake is a build system designed for scalability and portability.
It uses a syntax similar to make utilities you may have used, but
it features many additional enhancements, such as:

Support for projects spanning several directories or directory
hierarchies.  Fast, reliable, automated, scriptable dependency
analysis using MD5 digests, with full support for incremental builds.
Fully scriptable, includes a library that providing support for
standard tasks in C, C++, OCaml, and LaTeX projects, or a mixture
thereof.  Full native support for rules that build several files
at once.

OMake provides a uniform interface on Linux/Unix (including 64-bit
architectures), Win32, Cygwin, Mac OS X, and other platforms that
are supported by OCaml.

Active filesystem monitoring, where the build automatically restarts
whenever you modify a source file. This can be very useful during
the edit/compile cycle.  A built-in command-interpreter osh that
can be used interactively.

WWW: http://omake.metaprl.org/


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