ocaml-re-1.4.1p0 – regular expression library for OCaml


RE is a regular expression library for OCaml.  It is still under
developpement, but is already rather usable.

The following styles of regular expressions are supported:
- Perl-style regular expressions (module Re_perl);
- Posix extended regular expressions (module Re_posix);
- Emacs-style regular expressions (module Re_emacs);
- Shell-style file globbing (module Re_glob).

It is also possible to build regular expressions by combining simpler
regular expressions (module Re)

The most notable missing features are back-references and
look-ahead/look-behind assertions.

There is also a subset of the PCRE interface available in the Re.pcre
library.  This makes it easier to port code from that library to Re
without any changes beyond replacing the `pcre` findlib package with

WWW: https://github.com/ocaml/ocaml-re


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