hs-abstract-par-0.3.1p5 – type classes generalizing monad-par


The 'Par' monad(s) offer an alternative parallel programming API
to that provided by the parallel package.

A 'Par' monad allows the simple description of parallel computations,
and can be used to add parallelism to pure Haskell code.  The basic
API is straightforward: a 'Par' monad supports forking and simple
communication in terms of 'IVar's.

This module is an interface module only. It provides a number of
type clasess, but not an implementation.  The type classes separate
different levels of 'Par' functionality.  See the "Control.Monad.Par.Class"
module for more details.

The monad-par library is one example of a concrete library providing
this interface.

WWW: https://hackage.haskell.org/package/abstract-par

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