go-check-v1-20160105 – testing library for the Go language


gocheck works as an extension to the testing package and to the "go test"
runner. That allows keeping all current tests and using gocheck-based tests
right away for new tests without conflicts. The gocheck API was purposefully
made similar to the testing package for a smooth migration.

gocheck includes features such as:

 * helpful error reporting to aid on figuring problems out
 * richer test helpers: assertions which interrupt the test immediately, deep
   multi-type comparisons, string matching, etc
 * suite-based grouping of tests
 * fixtures: per suite and/or per test set up and tear down
 * benchmarks integrated in the suite logic (with fixtures, etc)
 * management of temporary directories
 * panic-catching logic, with proper error reporting
 * proper counting of successes, failures, panics, missed tests, skips, etc
 * explicit test skipping
 * support for expected failures
 * verbosity flag which disables output caching
 * multi-line string reporting for more comprehensible failures
 * inclusion of comments surrounding checks on failure reports

WWW: http://labix.org/gocheck

Only for arches
amd64 i386
devel lang/go

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