postgresql-plv8-1.4.2p7 – PostgreSQL V8 javascript procedural language


PLV8 is a shared library that provides a PostgreSQL procedual language
powered by V8 JavaScript Engine. With this program you can write in
JavaScript your function that is callable from SQL.

Supported features are:

* Functions can receive any arguments, and return a value or set of
* Execute any SQL commands with built-in plv8.execute() function.
* Automatic data conversion between PostgreSQL and JavaScript,
  including string, numbers, timestamps, arrays, and records.
* Records are converted to JSON which keys are column names.
* Other types are converted to strings.
* Partial support to write TRIGGER handlers.
* EXTENSION support.
* CoffeeScript and LiveScript support.

WWW: https://github.com/plv8/plv8

Only for arches
amd64 i386

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