hs-hedis-0.9.9p0 – client library for the Redis datastore


This library is a Haskell client for the Redis datastore.

Compared to other Haskell client libraries it has some advantages:

Complete Redis 2.6 command set:
    All Redis commands are available as haskell functions, except
    for the MONITOR and SYNC commands.
    Additionally, a low-level API is exposed that makes it easy for
    the library user to implement further commands, such as new
    commands from an experimental Redis version.

Automatic optimal pipelining:
    Commands are pipelined as much as possible without any work by
    the user.

Enforced Pub/Sub semantics:
    When subscribed to the Redis Pub/Sub server, clients are not
    allowed to issue commands other than subscribing to or unsubscribing
    from channels. This library uses the type system to enforce the
    correct behavior.

Connect via TCP or Unix Domain Socket:
    TCP sockets are the default way to connect to a Redis server.
    For connections to a server on the same machine, Unix domain
    sockets offer higher performance than the standard TCP connection.

WWW: https://github.com/informatikr/hedis

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