pilot-link-0.12.5p11 – tools to connect your PalmOS(R) compatible handheld


pilot-link is a suite of tools used to connect your Palm or PalmOS(R)
compatible handheld with Unix, Linux, and any other POSIX-compatible
machine. pilot-link works with all PalmOS(R) handhelds, including those
made by Handspring, Sony, and Palm, as well as others.

pilot-link includes userspace "conduits" that allow you to synchronize
information to and from your Palm device, as well as libraries of Palm-
compatible functions that allow other applications to take advantage
of the code included in pilot-link.

There are also several language "bindings" that allow you to use your
favorite development language with pilot-link, such as Java, Tcl, Perl,
and Python.

WWW: http://www.pilot-link.org/


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