mgetty+sendfax-1.1.37p5 – handle external logins, send and receive faxes


Mgetty+sendfax is a collection of programs to send and receive faxes in
a unix environment using a class 2.0 or 2 (they're different) faxmodem.
vgetty is an extension to mgetty, distributed with it, that implements
incoming voice call handling for certain voice-capable modems, with new
ones added regularly, if specs are available.

More specifically, the program `mgetty' allows you to use a class 2.0 or
2 fax modem for receiving faxes and handling external logins without
interfering with outgoing calls. `sendfax' is a standalone program which
sends fax files. `vgetty' is an extended version of mgetty that can
answer the telephone like an answering machine and record a voice-mail
message (if it finds one), or perform `mgetty's fax or data call
handling otherwise. The mgetty+sendfax distribution includes vgetty and
a good-sized gob of utility programs that help you manage faxes and
voice messages.

WWW: http://mgetty.greenie.net/


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