xmms2-0.8p10 – audio player daemon with library management


X-platform Music Multiplexing System 2 is a client-server audio player.
Client-server model allows XMMS2 to have various multiple (remote)
interfaces (as clients):
    * Command line interfaces
    * GTK clients (matching GNOME & Xfce4 look and feel)
    * KDE clients (matching KDE look and feel)
It has a wide format support and can play over different media.
It comes with Medialib, a database-driven media library which stores
metadata about songs as they're played, so songs can be quickly recalled
and new playlists easily made. The media library can be easily queried
and managed using Collections.

WWW: https://xmms2.org/

on sparc64: waf build goes into an infinite loop
audio lang/python

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