vagalume-0.8.2p23 – last.fm client for GNOME


Vagalume is a Last.fm client for GNOME.
Its main features are:

    * It plays Last.fm radio streams (using protocol v1.2)
    * Support for different radio stations (personal, neighbours, loved tracks,
      or any lastfm:// URL)
    * It supports marking tracks as loved or banned
    * It can tag artists, tracks and albums
    * It can send recommendations to other users
    * It can add tracks to your playlist
    * It can download free tracks to your hard disk
    * It can scrobble tracks so they appear in your Last.fm webpage
    * It sends Now Playing information following the Audioscrobbler Realtime
      Submission Protocol v1.2.
    * Supports discovery mode

WWW: http://vagalume.igalia.com/

audio x11

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