timidity-2.13.2p6 – MIDI to WAV renderer and player


TiMidity is a MIDI to WAVE converter using Gravis Ultrasound-compatible
patch files or soundfonts to generate digital audio data from General
MIDI (GM) files.  The data can be stored in a file for processing, or
played in real time through an audio device.

TiMidity has several different interfaces which can be chosen by appending
a character to the "-i" interface command line switch.
The defaults are:
	-in		ncurses interface
	-iT		vt100 interface
	-id		dumb interface
	-ir		remote interface

Some of the interfaces support "play tracing" which shows you the notes
being played in realtime. This can be enabled by appending a 't' to the
respective interface switch, e.g. to enable play tracing on the ncurses
interface use 'timidity -int '.

Available flavors:
	gtk2 - Build gtk+2 interface which may be used via 'timidity -ig'
		(does not support play tracing)
	xaw - Build Xaw interface which may be used via 'timidity -ia'
		(support play tracing)

WWW: http://timidity.sourceforge.net/


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