sattrack-3.1.6p4 – real-time satellite tracking and orbit propagation program


SatTrack is a real-time satellite tracking and orbit propagation
program with an X11 color world map tracking chart. It provides
two different live displays, for single or multiple satellites,
and two different orbit prediction modes.  Cursor controls used in
the numerical live displays are compatible with the VT100 standard,
which allows the program to be run basically from any terminal
without the graphics display. If the program is run from an X Window
terminal, the realtime graphics display can be started up. It will
show the location of any number of specified satellites like the
Space Shuttle or the Russian Space Station Mir, featuring the circle
of visibility for any selected spacecraft and for the primary and
a number of secondary ground stations.  Also shown are the ground
track for the next three orbits, the black-out zones for communication
through the TDRSS network, Mission Elapsed Time (MET), the terminator,
spacecraft lighting conditions and other details. The world maps
are provided in two different styles with four different sizes
each.  Program SatTrack is particularly interesting for the upcoming
Shuttle - Mir rendezvous missions.

Current on-line information on SatTrack can be found on the World
Wide Web page with the following URL:


The much advanced commercial off-the-shelf version of SatTrack
can be obtained from Bester Tracking Systems.

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